Phoenix Fledgings

A fledging is a young bird that is about to leave the nest which has learned skills to survive. This is what Phoenix Performance is looking to achieve, to teach children to skills they need in their life.

Why put your kid into Phoenix Fledgings?

To instill a genuine sense of confidence in our youths today with the influx of social media and online platforms. We teach your children the skills of kickboxing while building their self esteem, teaching antibullying techniques, learning to help each other grow and learn while encouraging each other. With kickboxing now an Olympic sport there is no end to the opportunities we can provide your child. Seán’s approach of respect and discipline while being fun and inclusive is a great stepping stone for any child in life.


Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-6:45pm


€7.00 pay as you go
€40 for 4 weeks

Say no to bullying, build confidence and learn self defense

Everyone fits in here

Parents always say to us they want their kids to join our kickboxing class because they want them to learn self-defense. Well here at not only will kickboxing help when it comes to self-dense but we will teach them the skills to deal with it.

Our approach of our 3 A’s, 3 C’s and the R building a solid foundation for them to thrive.

The three A’s The three C’s The R
Aware Confidence Run and Report
Avoid Conditioning
Action Concentration

Build a love of sport for your children with Phoenix Performance

With its focus on self-defense techniques and instilling discipline, kickboxing empowers children with essential life skills such as confidence, respect, and improved concentration, fostering their development

Have your child become a Phoenix Fledging today!

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