Everyone has their own starting point, taking the first step to achieving your fitness goals can be an intimidating one. We're here to take it with you and help you stride towards your targets.

Initial Consultation

We will organise a meeting at a time convenient for you and discuss your goals and lifestyle in order to set out a personalised plan best suiting your needs.

Have a Chat

This is the best way to find out about what you need to attain your specific goals. We are very relaxed here at Phoenix Performance and believe in creating people self sufficient and a chat with education is always the best way in our opinion.

Assessment & Goals

Once we have a clear view and plan for your goals then you we can put in place accountability assessments spaced out over a time that is appropriate in regards to your lifestyle and goals.


All plans can be changed at anytime with your feedback this is crucial to be honest in order for you to enjoy the process. There is no point being miserable and happy at the end that’s not what it is all about. You need to feel fulfilled throughout.


We offering training packages to all types of fitness levels. Let us know your goals and lets smash them!