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Teen's Only

Teens are the future of the gym and the obvious next step our grass roots program. We are here to provide opportunities for success and look forward to building the future of kickboxing.

Kickboxing benefits for teens

  • Our kickboxing classes provide an opportunity for teens to meet friends who share similar interests.
  • Kickboxing instills the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle through discipline and self-control.
  • Engaging in kickboxing requires mental focus and agility, stimulating cognitive abilities.


Every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-5:45pm


€8.50 pay as you go
€45 for 4 weeks

Say no to bullying, build confidence and learn self defense

Building opportunities for teens

Parents always say to us they want their kids to join our kickboxing class because they want them to learn self-defense. Well here at not only will kickboxing help when it comes to self-dense but we will teach them the skills to deal with it.

Our approach of our 3 A’s, 3 C’s and the R building a solid foundation for them to thrive.

The three A’s The three C’s The R
Aware Confidence Run and Report
Avoid Conditioning
Action Concentration

Be a part of future of Phoenix

With its focus on self-defense techniques and instilling discipline, kickboxing empowers children with essential life skills such as confidence, respect, and improved concentration, fostering their development

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