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Classes are run every Tuesday and Thursday

Kickboxing is a sport for everyone, if you’re looking for your children to get a life long passion and learn important life lessons, while being around their supportive peers we have the place for them. Maybe it is you that is looking for a new challenge? Trying to get fitter? Looking to shed those extra kilos? Our kickboxing classes along with affiliate businesses that we work with have you covered for all your needs. Check out our classes below!

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What does this mean? Well we still have our first class free to try, and if you bring someone new with you and buy a monthly package then both of you will get then that month for the price of 1 member. This is open to new and existing members.

Now is your chance to try something new with the support of your peers.

Lose weight ✅
Get fit ✅
Learn a new skill ✅
Gain confidence and self defense skills ✅
Make new friends and join our phoenix family ✅

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At Phoenix Mind and Body Performance we provide both 1-on-1 training and group sessions. We build our classes and programs around your individual fitness goals. We aim to provide a welcoming experience, no matter your fitness levels. Our background is in kickboxing and mixed martial arts, we bring what we have learned from these fields to create a fun and positive classes. Based in Kilcohan, Waterford.

Our method for kickboxing classes

Kickboxing and martial arts is an enjoyable and growing sport in Ireland. Our training is not just for those who want to be fight and compete in kickboxing but also those who want to get a workout and improve their fitness.

So our method is very simply, creating a fun learning experienced and provide you with encouragement to have a great time.

Just have a look at our TikTok videos to see our teaching style.

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Christine Deady

"Sean is an excellent coach. All my family goes to his classes. I can safely say with Sean, its not about money or background, he puts his heart and soul into each and every one of his students. He is always there for them. I would highly recommend Phoenix to anyone wanting to start kickboxing or fitness in general, he is so understanding to everyone's needs. I wish him all the success in the world."

Why join kickboxing classes in Waterford?


All classes have 15-20 intense cardio, which is helpful for creating a calorie deficit if looking to manage weight.

Building a Phoenix Family

Classes are fully interactive and you will get to know everyone in the class by pairing with new people.

Self defense

While kickboxing can never recreate the environment where you need self defense, it can build confidence in your new found knowledge.

National and international competitions

We compete throughout the country and by the end of 2023, we will have competed in Scotland, England, Malta and Germany .

Giving back to the community

Working with members of the frontline project.

Built from fire

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