Beginner Adults

Beginners class for adults totally new to kickboxing

Kickboxing is a fantastic sport to help with weight loss, learn self defense and build your confidence

Begin your kickboxing journey

Don’t be happy with just hitting a bag. The beginners class is all about the fundamentals with an amazing warm up and skills to be developed this class is great for someone who has never tried kickboxing or someone looking to dip their toe back in. Seán will ensure you have a full grasp of everything kickboxing as he wants you to achieve your goals and move you into the advanced class for that extra benefits.  If you want leave the gym feeling empowered and ready to tackle any task, take this class today.


Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-7:45pm


€10.00 pay as you go
€50 for 4 weeks

Build confidence, learn self defense and manage your weight

Kickboxing benefits

Kickboxing will help with weight loss as it is mainly HIIT cardio so you will strengthen your core through the body movements of kickboxing. Kickboxing is highly rewarding for any person that steps through the doors. Whether you learn the skill to build your confidence, get fit, lose weight, want to get a black belt or wish to compete kickboxing is an all inclusive sport that mixes men and women together to learn from one another.

What have our beginners achieved?

With its focus on self-defense techniques and instilling discipline, kickboxing empowers children with essential life skills such as confidence, respect, and improved concentration, fostering their development

Start your kickboxing journey today

Join our beginners class in Kilcohan, Waterford every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm or take our online kickboxing course from the comfort of your home

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