Advanced Adults

For those who have progressed through the beginners class or have trained previously

Our advanced class is our most intense class. Fast explosive based warm up and a very technical approach to the sport. This class is not for the feint hearted but it is very rewarding as Seán’s approach is that you are a martial artist so show your art style. Learn and develop in a open sharing environment.

“There is no wrong answer as it is your answer and your style”

Perfecting your kickboxing

Engaging in kickboxing helps adults develop a strong sense of self-confidence. It is a dynamic full-body workout that combines cardio, strength training, and intense calorie burning, making it an excellent choice for weight loss and overall fitness, not to mention the self defense benefits of learning a skill at a high intensity to allow you to stay calm in high pressure situations.

The advanced class is for green belts or higher if you do not wish to compete. Get the benefits of competition without physical contact and take your journey all the way to black belt with this class.


Every Tuesday and Thursday from 8-8:45pm


€10.00 pay as you go
€50 for 4 weeks

Build confidence, learn self defense and manage your weight

Kickboxing benefits

Kickboxing will help with weight loss as it is mainly HIIT cardio so you will strengthen your core through the body movements of kickboxing. Kickboxing is highly rewarding for any person that steps through the doors. Whether you learn the skill to build your confidence, get fit, lose weight, want to get a black belt or wish to compete kickboxing is an all inclusive sport that mixes men and women together to learn from one another.

From amateur to professional

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