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Learn kickboxing from the comfort of your own home

Beginners online kickboxing course

At Phoenix Performance, everyone is welcome no matter their fitness level or skill level but we understand that it can be difficult to take the leap to join a new club or sport when you’re a complete beginner or black belt. By taking this online kickboxing course, you have the chance to try something new in the comfort of your own home at your own pace – perfect for beginners!

Complete the course and get one month free kickboxing classes (worth €50). See you on the mats soon!

*Offer is for new clients only

Benefits of this course

You can learn in your own home for whatever your own personal goal is, be that looking to improve your fitness,  confidence, kickboxing technique or learn some self defense.

By doing this course at home, there is no need to buy gloves or any other equipment, just go through the lessons at your own pace. When you’re finished the course, you can attend regular classes at our gym in Kilcohan, Waterford.

What will I learn from this course?

  • Welcome to the fundamentals of kickboxing

  • Kickboxing terminology

  • Warm up routine

  • Introduction to the four basic kicks and front kick

  • Indepth roundhouse kick

  • How to do a side kick, indepth, lead and back leg

  • How to do a back kick

  • How to throw a basic knee

  • Jab and a cross

  • How to throw a hook, palm in vs. palm down

  • Proper technique for a kickboxing uppercut

  • Post training stretching

  • Kick dexterity drills

  • Final Words, Weekly Layout, Combinations to try

Complete this beginners course

And get one month free of classes, Kilcohan, Waterford.

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